8 Habits to enhance Mind Power

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Now. FINALLY Tap Into The Raw Power Of Your Mind To Create Abundance, Love, Joy. And Anything Else Your Heart Desires – Starting TODAY!





Abundant Mind Visualization

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Abundant Mind visualization videos are tools that literally enable you to re-program your subconscious mind and positively affect your thoughts, emotions and your mindset.




Affirmations Software

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“Name the Top 3 Things You Want in Life… …then use your computer for 10 minutes a day to make them come true”





Free Hypnosis Course

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Free course Reveals How To Hypnotize People – No Experience Required!





Hypnosis to Change Your Life

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Hypnosis can help you lose weight, STOP SMOKING and Gain UNlimited Confidence and Motivation Self Hypnosis MP3’s and Self Hypnosis CD’s




Meditation Binaural Beat Music

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Therapeutic Brainwave Music with Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, and more




Mindfulness mini Book

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Pocket Mindfulness comprises a concise resource that can be referenced at leisure for social quotation and sharing with other learners, students and teachers. It is ideal for beginners and existing mindfulness practitioners requiring a profound reference guide.




Power Self Hypnosis

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The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, Medicare… and… hundreds of studies from Yale University, Stanford University and other top academic and health institutions agree self-hypnosis works…


Secrets of Self Hypnosis

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“Who Else Wants The ‘Master Code’ To Unlocking The Power Of Hypnosis And EVERY Method Of Influence?”




The Unexplainable store

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Binauaral Beats are not a fad, but have been researched for over 170 yrs. The human brain goes through many frequency cycles every day each frequency producing different effects in the human consciousness.


ZOX PRO Training

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Accelerated learning, photographic memory, eidetic memory, problem solving, decision making, intuition, awareness, focus, communication skills, time management, + more.

Professionals & Executives   Technicians  Students Families

Firefighters, Police, Military, Doctors, Problem Solvers