Subconscious and Conscious



Eastern Point of view ……The mind is the source of thoughts supplied to the brain

Western Point of view …..The brain is the physical anatomy, the mind is what the brain generates through its activity

Triune Brain Diagram


The  brain is considered to be a physical thing, the mind is considered to be mental. We can see and touch the brain whereas it is not possible to do this with the mind.

The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind can be thought of as arising out of the Triune Theory. This is where the evolution of the Human Brain is followed as the successive emergence of 3 Brains. Three brains that may not communicate with each other the way we would like.

The reptilian brain (ie brain stem) along with the mammalian brain (ie Limbic brain)  produce the Subconscious mind.
The cortex brain (ie pre frontal lobes) produces the conscious mind.


In the beginning there was the reptilian brain,
then the Mammalian brain and last but not least
finally todays brain the Cortex.




 Reptilian Brain

The 1st and oldest in terms of Human Evolution is the reptilian brain it is comprised of the brain stem and just above it the cerebellum. The term “reptilian” refers to our primitive, instinctive brain function that is shared by all reptiles and mammals, including humans. This brain controls balance, heartbeat, breathing and other vital functions including the response of fight or flight.

Reptillian Brain
Reptilian Brain Illustration




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The Mammalian Brain

The 2nd brain, The Mammalian Brain (or Limbic) brain emerged later in mammals and can record memories of behaviors that produced good and bad experiences.
This brain is responsible for human emotions and its main components are the hippocampus the amygdala, and the hypothalamus. This brain supports Adrenaline flow, motivation, sense of smell and is the root of our unconscious values and can influence our behavior

mammalian brain





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The Cortex Brain

The 3rd and youngest in terms of Human evolution is the Cortex (neocortex).This has two hemisphere the famous left and right brain.  The left half of the cortex controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.   Also, the right brain is more spatial, abstract, musical and artistic, while the left brain more linear, rational, and verbal.with various lobes (or specialized areas) for language, abstract thought. imagination and consciousness

cortex brain

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The Brain from Top to Bottom

The Origin of The Human Mind

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