Bar Exam Hypnosis CD Program
Bar Exam Hypnosis CD ProgramBar Exam Hypnosis CD ProgramBar Exam Hypnosis CD ProgramBar Exam Hypnosis CD Program

Bar Exam Hypnosis CD Program


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Product Description

Passing the Bar Exam Hypnosis Program

Hypnosis helps you overcome test taking anxiety

* Are you worried that you won’t remain calm while taking the Bar Exam?

* Is your fear of failure causing you to put your life on hold?

* Isn’t your anxiety about passing the Bar Exam causing stress and concern?

* Are you ready to be free of this debilitating belief?

Your anxieties and about test taking can be overcome. Regardless of the depth of your anxiety, hypnosis for passing the Bar Exam helps you to successfully overcome your fears and pass the bar exam. Isn’t it time to remain comfortable, confident and relaxed while taking tests?

As hypnosis anchors positive beliefs about your abilities into your subconscious mind, you simply forget about worrying by forgetting to remember it. Each session creates new positive beliefs about your abilities to successfully pass the Bar Exam, helping you to remain calm and relaxed while taking the test.

Open the door to your new life after passing the bar exam

Fill your subconscious mind with a new confidence. From this better state of mind, everything is possible, including successfully passing the California Bar Exam.


  • A Hypnosis Program to Pass the Bar Exam and Help you Overcome Your Anxiety about Passing the Exam
  • 4 Hypnosis Audio Sessions, 3 Bonus mp3s – Introduction to Program, Challenge of Change and What is Hypnosis
  • Release your anxiety about test taking with our hypnosis audio and motivational sessions
  • Relax and take the Bar Exam naturally and easily and release your fears to successfully pass the bar exam
  • Extra Bonus! Free mp3 version of your program when you order the CD Program!


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