Lose Weight 2 with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David Illig
Lose Weight 2 with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David IlligLose Weight 2 with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David IlligLose Weight 2 with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David IlligLose Weight 2 with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David Illig

Lose Weight 2 with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David Illig


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This is An Innovative program using a multi-sensory experience of Self-Hypnosis to expand your experience and nervous system involvement.The hypnosis program is like a movie sound track that takes you more fully into the imagination and suggestions for healthy & powerful weight loss and fitness. Lose Weight II allows people to more easily utilize unconscious brain process for their benefit. It creates complex neural nets in the brain that include all of the senses. And then within this brain environment, various aspects of the brain connect to new learnings and remove old destructive patterns. Lose Weight II is designed to powerfully fight against damaging programming by the media and food companies. Loss Weight II tackles important issues nobody else is willing to talk about.Loss Weight II also has a more powerful approach to subliminal learning which you can feel and is flexible. The Weight Loss II Program helps you to: Eat healthier types of foods and healthier amounts. You eat healthier smaller portions, and resist excess portions, easily & are satisfied by smaller amounts of foods. Change how you view food. Increase your metabolism. Make Exercise a regular habit. Stop emotional binging and long term habits of the past You will be safer from media, advertising, and the food industry. The hypnotic program includes special resonating tones that deepen relaxation and increase learning. Use with a healthy diet and exercise plan and you will stick with your plan. Track 1 is a Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Program. Hypnosis is centuries old and time-tested, and new advances make it a potent, powerful and effective tool for tough problems. Use it often. Track 2 is a Subliminal Learning Program You hear mostly the sounds of beautiful music and ocean waves. However, hidden beneath these sounds are thousands of specially designed messages. Use a bunch of times. Use with Weight Loss I, Self-Esteem, Joy of Exercise, Goal Setting, Improve Metabolism.


  • New Advance in Self-Hypnosis CD: Multi-Dimensional Self-Hypnosis
  • Enter the State of Self Hypnosis more easily and creatively. Two Programs for the price of one: Self-Hypnosis/Subliminal Learning Combined and separate.
  • Protect yourself from the influence of media, advertising, and food marketing.
  • Dr David Illig of SuccessWorld has published some of the most respected programs ever.
  • Ok Dr. Illig, I just stepped off the scale and I owe you a thanks. Allow me to tell a quick story. First, I am a skeptic, ok, was a skeptic that hypnosis could actually do anything more than put me to sleep. I am a truck driver, and I use several self hypnosis MP3′s to help me go to sleep. Since I keep such strange hours and the hours of service requirements that truckers have to go by, we have to sleep at odd times. So even when I’m not sleepy, I absolutely have to rest on my 10 hour break, or I risk staying up for over 24 hours straight. Therefore, I need help to get to sleep sometimes. I have been using your recordings for exactly that purpose since I started driving in 1992 & they have worked wonders for me. I get to the point in your programs where I hear: “Hello, this is Dr. David Illig of SuccessWorld (or Rightmind Programs)” and that’s it, pow! I’m off to sleep. My brain is so well conditioned to associating your voice with sleep time that I almost instantly fall asleep. Ok, for the current situation. I was looking for something new to listen to, so I could sleep well, and I thought of you, since I had used your programs in the past. I got the email about how revolutionary your new Rightmind 2.0 is and I decided; what the heck, Ill give it a try. I don’t really need to lose weight, but if it works, losing weight certainly won’t hurt me. I began using it a few months ago and it does exactly what I bought it for, put me to sleep. But what I didn’t expect was to lose any weight. I had no plan to lose weight but I did. I had no intention of losing weight and I didn’t even listen to your introduction tracks, nor did I listen to your awake session. I just needed to be able to sleep… Well, I just got off the scale and now weigh 211 lbs. I weighed over 240 just two months ago when I started listening to the program. I did absolutely nothing consciously to lose weight or exercise, ok, maybe I’m wal


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