Nail-Biting Relief! Hypnosis Relieves Stress and the Nail Biting Compulsion

Nail-Biting Relief! Hypnosis Relieves Stress and the Nail Biting Compulsion


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You’ve tried to stop biting your nails, but the urge is just too overwhelming. And sometimes you don’t even realize you’re biting until it’s too late! Now ….Picture having beautiful and elegant fingernails. Imagine feeling peaceful, tranquil and serene all the time. Visualize yourself being much less affected by all of the negativity of daily life. — This program consists of one instructional session, and one hypnosis session. With this program, no willpower is ever needed, because all of the new behaviors will come naturally and automatically – from the client’s unconscious mind. You’ll quickly and easily overcome the compulsion to bite your nails. — The internationally known Consulting Hypnotist who created this program, Alan B. Densky, CH, started his full time practice back in 1978. He has extensive training and certification in hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming. He has utilized the power of hypnosis to create a revolutionary program designed to propel you to success, and help you attain peace of mind.


  • Hypnosis Session on CD Quickly Relieves The Compulsion to Bite Your Nails So You Have Beautiful and Elegant Fingernails
  • Quickly & Easily Create Lasting Deep Relaxation, Peace & Tranquility
  • Dissipates Negative Thoughts, Which Cause Nervousness, Anxiety And Stress
  • Program Consists of Traditional Hypnosis with Powerful Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • For Children Ages 7 and Up & All Adults


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