Sleep Like A Baby! Hypnosis & NLP For Insomnia. Eliminate Sleep Disturbances (7 Sessions on 2 CDs)

Sleep Like A Baby! Hypnosis & NLP For Insomnia. Eliminate Sleep Disturbances (7 Sessions on 2 CDs)


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Product Description

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep – or both – then you’re not alone. In fact, approximately 20 million people from the US alone suffer from sleep insomnia. —The results are immediate and lasting! After a very short while of listening to these audios, clients have been programmed to fall asleep within a matter of seconds. After 21 days clients typically discontinue use of the hypnosis CDs because they have an expectation of sleep, rather than a fear of lying awake. In short, they now have the ability to “Sleep Like A Baby!” without any medication. —While 99% of the Hypnosis programs available today are based only on “Traditional Hypnosis,” (simple post-hypnotic commands), this program utilizes much more powerful “Ericksonian” forms of Conversational Hypnotherapy as well as “NLP” techniques. —These methods are excellent for people who tend to be overly critical or analytical in their thinking, or people who question everything said to them. —Everyone responds differently to each type of hypnosis. So this program provides you with multiple hypnotic sessions. Each session uses a broad range of methods to guarantee that you will be successful. —NLP can be used to program the client’s unconscious to automatically eliminate disturbing thoughts, which trigger feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. —The internationally known Consulting Hypnotist who created this program, Alan B. Densky, CH, started his full time practice back in 1978. He has extensive training and certification in hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming. He has combined the power of hypnosis and NLP to create a revolutionary program designed to propel you to success, and help you attain peace of mind. —All of his programs are designed to mimic a series of personal one-on-one office sessions at a tiny fraction of the cost. People in over 40 countries have used Mr. Densky’s programs with great success.


  • Hypnosis & NLP Relieves Insomnia & Sleep Disturbances (7 Sessions on 2 CDs)
  • Sleep Hypnosis Breakthrough Helps People With Sleep Disturbances Restore A Proper Sleep Cycle
  • Reprograms Your Subconscious To Expect to Fall Asleep Promptly and Sleep Soundly and Restfully
  • Wake Up Refreshed and Fully Rested. Quickly Create Lasting Deep Relaxation, Peace & Tranquility
  • Program Combines Traditional Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


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