Stop Compulsive Spending Hypnosis CD

Stop Compulsive Spending Hypnosis CD


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Reinvent yourself as a “discerning shopper” Take control over your impulse buying habits and become the type of person who only buys the occasional true bargain. Teach your unconscious mind how to automatically see right through any shopping temptation and recognize them for what they really are. You will enjoy the freedom to say NO and put your credit cards away for good as you transform your memory and create subconscious experiences that change your life for the better. This hypnosis session helps you to look for alternative ways to make yourself feel good that are completely free and will make you feel even better about yourself as you find that you have the resources within to resolve internal conflict and meet your unmet needs in a healthy and fulfilling way. Over a short period, you’ll notice that you can put new money spending habits into place and reach your true financial potential. You’ll enjoy the power and confidence that comes from gaining freedom and control over your life as you learn new unconscious behaviors that will guide you whenever you are faced with those old urges to shop. Now you’ll experience yourself as the type of person who is responsible with money and feel really good about your relationship with yourself and with money.


  • Get Control Over Shopping Addiction
  • Hypnosis is a valuable tool for self-empowerment
  • Led by Victoria Gallagher
  • Put the power of your mind to work in managing your life


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