Stop Hoarding, End Clutter Subliminal CD
Stop Hoarding, End Clutter Subliminal CDStop Hoarding, End Clutter Subliminal CD

Stop Hoarding, End Clutter Subliminal CD


(as of 12/27/2016 at 21:30 UTC)

Product Description

Some people are good at periodic cleaning out of their environments. They can easily let go of old (or new) things and throw them out. We admire someone who can keep an uncluttered area, garage, basement, closet and home. But not everyone is good at clearing away the clutter! Many people develop a habit of collecting things over time, which is all right by itself but not when taken to unhealthy levels. Our homes become cluttered and hard to keep clean. Our friends stop coming over. Our families begin to worry. Nip it in the bud, or just stop it and start a new, cleaner life with this subliminal recording designed to change your errant thinking process that got you into this mess! Listen every day, perhaps twice, to start the cleaning out process. And just start cleaning. CD with Nature Sound: The affirmations and suggestions are “buried” in the Ocean Waves Sound; all you hear is The Ocean Waves and the Nature Sound. Final Track Silent, can be used anywhere. There is not sound to be heard by conscious mind.


  • CD with Nature Sounds : 1 Track Ocean Waves & Subliminal 30 Minutes
  • 1 Track Rain & Subliminal 30 Minutes
  • Bonus silent track can be used anywhere. There are no audible sounds to be heard by your conscious mind
  • No audible speech, this is not a Hypnosis CD – it is a Subliminal CD, so the spoken words are hidden by frequency (under the ocean sound).
  • Affirmations printed on the CD cover.


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