Stop Insomnia Sleep Deep Music Subliminal Cd
Stop Insomnia Sleep Deep Music Subliminal Cd

Stop Insomnia Sleep Deep Music Subliminal Cd


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Product Description

This Subliminal Cd is intended to help you sleep developing a natural sleep pattern with our powerful subliminal CD using positive affirmations that are directed to your subconscious mind.

Each subliminal recording targets your subconscious and contains positive reinforcement via spoken subliminal messages that are inaudible to the conscious. All you can consciously hear is the music track. Our subliminal CDs are created by certified hypnotherapists using binaural beats, brain wave entrainment and neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

What make this CD so special?

The CD you are about to experience it is a special one: It is a subliminal persuasion recording. Subliminal means that your conscious mind will be unaware of the suggestions as they will be directed entirely to your subconscious mind. Subliminal is mixed with the gentle sound ofmusic to carry the suggestions directly to your subconscious mind. Consciously you will not hear the words, but your subconscious will. Because subliminal doesn’t require your attention, you may find it even more effective than self hypnosis CDs. Your subconscious will accept the changes after a while, and the most important thing in subliminal messaging is that the changes will take place without conscious effort, thought or strain on your part.

Sprudio Subliminal cds are unique in design and quality.

Music for Insomnia Cd can not be used while driving or operating machinery. This recording uses delta waves that are known to bring the subject in a relaxing state.


  • CDs Music and Subliminal and one track silent subliminal 10-12 minutes.
  • No audible speech, this is not a Hypnosis CD – it is a Subliminal CD, so the spoken words are hidden by frequency
  • Final, silent track can be used anywhere. There are no audible sounds to be heard by your conscious mind
  • Digitally mastered using brain wave generator, new technology for filtering frequencies of each channel
  • Affirmations printed on the CD cover


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